Select The Right Fluorinated Cleaner, Solvent, or Remover for Your Business

Don’t know where to start when you are selecting the right Florachem Precision Cleaning Product for your business? We’ve made it easy for you to make the right decision by dividing our products into searchable groups. Whether you are searching for a certain solvent or a specific application, use this chart to search our line of products.

Florachem Precision Cleaning Products proudly manufactures environmentally responsible cleaning products including fluorinated solvents and vapor degreasing solvents as well as trichloroethylene alternatives and N-propyl bromide alternatives. We are pleased to offer these solutions for clients that need to ensure the cleaning product and process meets your needs.

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Products Found in Ultrasonic:

Product Description

AquaFlor Stencil Clean - U

Electronics Cleaner - Proven aqueous cleaning product for removing solder pastes and SMD adhesives for stencils and misprinted circuit assemblies. Specifically designed for batch, ultrasonic cleaning equipment

CitraFlor EG10 Plus

Electronics Cleaner - Versatile, citrus-based cleaning product for bench top electronics defluxing and stencil/misprint cleaning applications. Designed for use in immersion, immersion with ultrasonics, and spray-under-immersion cleaning processes.

CitraFlor HF

High flash point (>140F), citrus-based cleaner for precision metal,  plastic, and glass cleaning applications. Also used as maintenance solvent for cleaning assembly line equipment such as conveyor belts

CitraFlor R20

General purpose, water-dilutable citrus degreaser with high flash point (>140F).

EcoFlor 62

Electronics Cleaner - Proven, water-dilutable cleaning agent for removing SMD adhesives and solder pastes from stencils and misprinted circuit assemblies. Designed for immersion, ultrasonics, and spray-under- immersion cleaning processes.


Approved Mil-PRF-680C Type II solvent cleaner designed for handwiping and immersion applications.  Green Light Status.