The Florachem Advantage: Vapor Degreasing Solvents, Fluorinated Solvents, Cleaners, and More

In today’s complex world of environmental regulations and chemical safety and demand for top quality, finding the best cleaning product and process for your manufacturing operation can be time-consuming and expensive. Florachem’s experienced technical team can quickly evaluate your cleaning performance, environmental, and operator safety needs and help you find the right product and process.    

While many cleaning agent suppliers only offer cleaning products for one type of cleaning process, Florachem offers a portfolio of proven products for all major cleaning processes to ensure the cleaning product and process is tailored to meet your current and future needs. Whether it is solvent, vapor degreasing, immersion, ultrasonic immersion, aqueous, semi-aqueous or manual cleaning, Florachem has the solution for you.

Many of our cleaning products are bio-based, made with either citrus and/or pine terpenes. These powerful terpene solvents are frequently distilled to ensure our customers get the most effective and consistent cleaning products. While Florachem’s bio-based approach is the answer for many industrial and maintenance cleaning applications, it is not a panacea. Florachem has recently partnered with Banner Chemicals (UK) to market and technically support their popular fluorinated solvent, SOLVEX™ HD, for vapor degreasing applications in North America. Vapor degreasing remains the cleaning process of choice for many customers who cannot or choose not to use water in their critical cleaning operations. In addition, SOLVEX HD is a cleaning product that serves as a n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) replacement as well as a trichloroethylene alternative.

We support our customers from Florachem warehouses strategically located in McAllen (TX), Springfield (MO), and Newark (NJ). Most of Florachem’s Precision Cleaning Products are also available globally through a network of specialty distributors. Please contact us today for the distributor(s) for your area or country.