Environmentally Friendly Fluorinated Cleaners and Solvents for Precision Parts

Florachem’s cleaning agents are used with confidence to clean precision parts such as electronic circuit assemblies, wire and cable, aerospace parts, and medical devices, where cleanliness is considered critical for reliability. Several of our cleaning agents are also used extensively as maintenance solvents for cleaning assembly line equipment, such as stencils, industrial molds, and conveyors.

Florachem Precision Cleaning Products distributes commercial cleaning products worldwide, including US, Mexico, Canada, South America, and Central America. We manufacture cleaning technologies that are environmentally responsible. Our company sells trichloroethylene replacement solutions, n-propyl bromide replacement options, fluorinated solvents, vapor degreasing solvent, and other cleaners.

Florachem Precision Cleaning Products are marketed under the following brand names:

These cleaning products are excellent drop-in replacements for several “higher cost” competitive cleaning technologies. Please contact us today for assistance with product selection, use instructions, economics, and samples.

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